Frequently asked questions

Do you have any special needs? At the beginning of each project, we’d like to listen to your needs so that together we can find what suits you best. We call it Phase 1 of our pipeline, the Brief. In case you are in a hurry, we can work on your project four-hand and in real-time, so that translations are simultaneously double-checked and delivered sooner. Take a look at the Services section to find out what works for you and ask for a free quote. Then, at the end of each project, you will receive a feedback form that you can fill out to rate our service and to provide qualitative feedback on our performance and on PharmaTranslated’s offerings overall.
PharmaTranslated is not an agency, but rather a collaborative entrepreneurial partnership of qualified professional freelancers who specialize in translation for the medical, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. Please visit the About section for details about our expertise and qualifications.
PharmaTranslated is a dedicated team of professional translators who specialize in the medical, pharmaceutical and life sciences sectors. After translating as many as 800 protocol synopsis, IBs, ICFs, SmPCs and PILs, for a total of nearly 8.5 million words in the field of medicine and pharma, we can provide linguistic solutions that take care of the needs of our clients. We understand quality may be a concern: our workflow includes a QA validation process, where every translation is reviewed by two specialized translators and an in-house medical doctor (more in the About section).
We are aware that translating for the medical sector requires specific skills, expertise and knowledge of the regulatory framework of the countries where the translated texts will eventually be used. We are fully qualified translators and we invest 30% of our revenues in continuos professional development each year. Besides CPD and a strict QA validation process, we have put up a network of life science professionals we call upon with any conceptual, terminological or linguistic issues that may arise. This ensures that our work meets the highest standards in the industry at all times. The results? Higher accuracy, better compliance and faster delivery
We adhere strictly to the mother tongue principle. In other words, we only translate into our native language, i.e. Italian – from English and German. However, if you are looking to have your text translated from or into any other languages, we will be happy to help you find the right professional for your needs. Please see our Services for more details about our services.
Turnaround times vary depending on factors such as the length of the text, how technical it is, the source file format and the type of services required. A tailored timeline will be stated in our quote. Urgent projects as well as evening, holiday or weekend work may be subject to a surcharge. For more information, please visit our Services section or contact us for a free, unbinding quote.
We take your privacy seriously. For this reason, we will not use or share your data with any third party, nor will we disclose the nature and content of the projects accepted from clients to any third party. Any materials you provide us with will be treated as highly confidential and will not be disclosed, transferred or made available to any third party. As members of professional translation associations, including AITI and the ITI, we are bound by strict codes of conduct. We make use of secure storage methods to ensure that the confidentiality and integrity of your data and files are protected. Please see our Code of Conduct and Terms of Business for more details.
The price of a translation is the result of several factors, including but not limited to the word count of the source text, the language pair(s) involved, the file format and any additional services required. We are happy to provide a transparent, tailor-made quote for every one of your projects, including a delivery timeline. For more information, please see our Services or contact us for a free, unbinding quote.
CAT tools are software tools commonly used in the translation industry. While CAT stands for “Computer Aided Translation”, this has nothing to do with machine or automatic translation. CAT tools work by generating translation memories from the translator’s own work. Translation memories help maintain terminological consistency within a translation and enable us to ensure better quality and coherence in all your documents. Some of these tools also include special built-in features allowing us to work four-hand on the same project at the same time, for the benefit of quality and speed. At PharmaTranslated, we use a wide variety of CAT and terminology management software, including SDL Trados, MemoQ, Wordfast PRO and Multi-Term.
The more information we have, the smoother the process will be. Please let us know if you have any style guides, glossaries, preferred terminology or reference materials available or if you have any special instructions that need to be followed. Please also bear in mind that an editable source file format (.docx, .xlsx, .html, pptx, etc.) will be easier and faster to process than non-editable formats (e.g. .pdf).