Make it better, every day

Francesca Tasselli

English and German into Italian technical translator and terminologist


I started off my career in 2005 as a technical translator at SAP Headquarters in Walldorf (Germany), after getting a BA in Translation and Liason Interpreting from the University of Bologna.

Working for an innovation-driven, market-leading enterprise software company, I soon became a dependable translator and terminologist.

Later on, I decided to focus on life science translation and joined forces with fellow translator Silvia Montanari.

I have an eye for detail and quality, after translating approx. 150 user guides, 100 white papers and brochures and 200 protocol synopsis, IBs, ICFs, SmPCs and PILs for a total of 3.5 million words.

But, most importantly, I am the daughter of a dedicated hematologist.

I still remember the white lights, the smell of the lab room and the excitement in my five-year-old fingers when my father allowed me to discover the world through a microscope.

Many years on, my father and I still work side by side, sharing knowledge, care and dedication.

This is how we contribute to the medical and pharmaceutical industry, every day.