I know you play big

Silvia Montanari

Translator and back-translation specialist.


In my 10-year career, I have worked on as many as 600 protocol synopsis, IBs, ICFs, SmPCs and PILs, for a total of nearly 5 million words translated in the field of medicine and pharma.

My main area of specialty is the translation of regulatory and clinical trial-related documentation, both patient and specialist-facing.

I am a qualified member of the Italian Translators and Interpreters Association (AITI) and an associate member of the UK Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI), as well as being part of the Pharmaceutical Network of the ITI.

I am an experienced translator with a passion for the life sciences that dates back to my years at high school, which specialized in science.

After graduating in Modern Languages and Communication with a dissertation on the translation of popular science, I pursued a Master’s degree in Translation Studies and gained experience studying and working abroad (Germany, USA and UK), before eventually entering the world of professional translation with a vision of combining my flair for languages and linguistics with my interest in science.

Before turning to freelancing, I worked as an in-house linguist and project manager for two companies in Italy and the UK, giving me insight into the mechanisms of the translation industry from another, more client-oriented point of view.